The Roman Hoard of Hatfield - Fair Condition

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In the setting sun one evening in late September 1993, a Yorkshire farmer ploughing his last field for the night suddenly felt the tractor jar. He immediately stopped to find that his plough had unearthed a rare Roman Pot with over 5000 coins which had been buried around 270 A.D., now known as the Hatfield Hoard.

This was declared to the Doncaster Museum who after examination returned them to the farmer for sale on the open collectors market. The pot contained coins of many well known Emperors who ruled over Britain in the 3rd Century including Gallienus, Tetricus, Victorinus, Claudius Gothicus. We are offering these bronze Antoninianus in two grades, fine and fair condition.

Image shown is a collection of the coins. The price quoted is for one coin only.

Product Code 2425B