Silver Proof Colour Megalosaurus 2020 UK 50p coin

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Megalosaurus 2020 UK 50p coin in Silver Proof Condition

A new 50p coin collection has been started by the Royal Mint representing 3 different Dinosaurs. They are being released over three months. Megalosauus, Iguanoden and Hylaeosaurus. We have available the BU and Silver coloured proof

Countless books, films and games have helped to fuel our fascination with dinosaurs, some of the most awe inspiring animals to have ever walked the planet. British anatomist Richard Owen was the first scientist to realise that the fossilised remains of three creatures uncovered in nineteenth-century England shared common characteristics. He used the term ‘Dinosauria’ to describe this new group of animals in a paper published in 1842. This coin is the first in an exciting new series celebrating the discovery of dinosaurs and depicts Megalosaurus, one of the three creatures that Owen realised were closely related.

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Metal 0.925 Silver
Coin Weight 8.00 grams
Denomination 50p
Limited Edition 7000
Coin Condition Silver Proof
Brand The Royal Mint
Condition New
Product Code 6418