Queen Victoria Old Head Silver Threepence 1893 - 1901

Product code: 0152c
1893-1901  Victoria Old Head Silver Threepence

Introducing a beautiful and historic piece of currency - the Queen Victoria Silver Threepence from 1893-1901. This coin features a sophisticated and elegant design that showcases the regal Queen herself. As one of the longest-reigning monarchs in British history, Queen Victoria's likeness on this silver threepence pays tribute to her iconic reign and perfectly encapsulates the timeless elegance of the Victorian era.

Crafted from genuine sterling silver, this threepence is a true piece of history that has stood the test of time. Produced between 1893 and 1901, this coin is a must-have for any coin collector or history enthusiast. 

Demonation Threepence
Metal 0.925 Silver
Diameter 16.20mm
Coin Weight 1.415 grams
Brand Royal Mint
Product Code 0152c