Mary Tudor Silver Groats 1553-1554

Product code: 1623
1553-1554 Mary Tudor Silver Groat

Mary's reign was almost the saddest in English history both for herself and her people. Daughter of Henry VIII she came to the throne after the death of her brother Edward. Loneliness, religious troubles, rebellions, an unpopular marriage to Philip in 1554 and failing health. In an attempt to rectify the situation she ordered some of the most atrocious acts to be carried out which turned the people, who had been loyal to that point against her. She died after a reign of only five years. We have available a few pieces of these rare silver groats of this very short lived Monarch, showing the bust of Mary on the obverse and the Royal Shield on the reverse. The coins are in fine to very fine condition and really are an exciting addition to your collection
Brand Royal Mint
Product Code 1623