King Canute (Cnut) Silver Penny 1016- 1035

Product code: 1624

King Canute (Cnut) Silver Penny 1016- 1035

For many British school children their first introduction to history were the stories of the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and the Danes. King Canute(Cnut) trying to turn back the sea maybe only a story but we do have the genuine silver penny of this famous Danish King. On the death of Aethelred II, who was a true Saxon, the throne was claimed by Canute(Cnut), son of the King of Denmark, who then married Aethelredâs widow in order to secure the throne of all England. He died in 1035 and after seven turbulent years was succeeded by Edward to return the country back to the Saxon Monarchy.

We have acquired a few silver pennies from the reign of Cnut. It is amazing that you can own and handle such a rare piece of English history and look after it for the future. Collecting early English silver pennies is great area to obtain and to invest - what a collection you could build.

All the coins are in superb condition, making these real treasures in any coin collection.

Product Code 1624