Henry III Long Cross Silver penny 1216-1272

Product code: 3630
Henry III Long Cross Silver Penny 1216-1272

In 1247 Henry III issued new coinage after the coins in circulation were in very poor condition. It was not until the Brussels hoard found 1908 that Henry’s silver pennies were reclassified after many different types were discovered.

How did this 13th Century fortune wind up near Brussels in the first place? Was it part of a payment from our King to another? Possibly it was a payment to help fund the Crusades? No-one knows. What we do know is that the coins in the Brussels Hoard were incredibly well preserved and were in good condition.

If you have ever wanted to build a private collection then these choice quality Henry III silver pennies would make an ideal acquisition and give you an excellent starting point for your own family treasure.

Coin will vary to image shown
Denomination Penny
Metal Silver
Daimeter Approx 18.3mm
Coin Weight Approx 1.3 grams
Product Code 3630