Charles II Halfcrown 1663 - 1684.

Product code: 1144B
Charles II Halfcrown 1663 - 1684

These Charles II halfcrown coins were struck from 1663. On 29th May 1660, a weary British nation rejoiced as King Charles II was restored to the throne of England after the austere years of Oliver Cromwell.

Charles was a superb politician and enjoyed both his duties and amusements of his changed situation. He had two major disasters, in 1665 the Black Plague and in 1666 the Great Fire of London, that wiped out two thirds of the city. But the country grew richer and maritime grew stronger under his reign.

The coins were milled as opposed to those of Charles I which were hammered

In Fine Condition
Face Value Halfcrown
Metal 0.925 Silver
Diameter Approx 33.8mm
Coin Weight Approx 14.75 grams
Brand Royal Mint
Product Code 1144B