Charles I Silver Crown 1625-1649

Product code: 1212C

Charles I of England Silver Crown 1625-1649

This impressive Charles I hammered crown was struck during most of his reign. During the English Civil War coins were struck at various Royalist towns.

The 60 years between 1625, the birth year of Charles I and 1685 the death of Charles II was a most traumatic period for the British Monarchy.
Charles I born in Scotland only came to England when he was four. He was a delicate child, weak legs and a speech impediment. He grew up into essentially a good man, however, he was a thoroughly bad politician which turned out that the King lost his head. He ruled the British from 1625 to 1649 being executed in London after the British civil war. His life was full of fascination and intrigue and when he died, England for the first time became a republic under the rule of the Parliamentarian Cromwell.
We have three coins from his reign all of which are pure collectors pieces, all could probably relate to terrific stories from their time.

We have available various crowns in fine condition.

Metal Silver
Coin Hammered Coin
Coin Condition Fine Condition
Brand Royal Mint
Product Code 1212C