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James I Silver Shilling 1603-1625 James I Gold Halfcrown 1603 -1625
James I Silver sixpence 1603-1625 In Fine Condition

On the death of Elizabeth I in 1603, the Scots after numerous attempts both fair and foul, managed to secure the throne and James VI of
James I Shilling 1603-1625

After the death of Queen Elizabeth I, James VI of Scotland ascended the English throne as James I , the first Stuart King of England.
James I Gold Halfcrown 1603 -1625

This hammered coin was struck to crown gold standard now known as 22ct. Small but just as important as it’s bigger cousin. Diameter 17 mm

James I Silver Crown1603-1625
James I Silver Crown1603-1625
Latest Price: £4,250.00
This beautiful silver crown was issued between 1604-1619 and shows the King on horseback and the shield on the reverse.