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Charles I Silver Penny 1625 - 1649
Charles I Maltravers Farthing 1630
Struck around 1630 by Lord Maltravers under royal licence in copper in an attempt to satisfy the demand for small change. Discontinued
Charles I Silver Penny 1625 - 1649

Another small but very scarce piece of history from the reign of this beleaguered Monarch. There were a few different designs

Charles I Silver Shilling in Fine Condition

We have recently purchased a hoard of Charles I silver shillings struck around 1640. These coins I am sure will give you a great deal of satisfaction and you may like to build a collection for both you and your
Silver Halfcrowns of Charles I 1625 - 1649 Charles I Silver Crown
Silver Halfcrown of Charles I 1625 - 1649

Britain in turmoil, Cavaliers and Roundheads, Oliver Cromwell and the first Parliament! From a historians point of view this was a tremendously exciting period of British
Charles I Silver Crown 1625-1649

This impressive hammered crown was struck during most of his reign but are now difficult to find and disappearing off the market.
Charles I Gold Unite 1625 - 1649 - Rare Hammered Gold

As someone once said to me, these are real coins - coins steeped in history! I know what he means, although this applies to most early coins there is something