British Korean War Medals

15th July 1953 saw the end of the Korean War.

A conflict between two opposing ideologies, the south fought for democracy, whilst the North Koreans were backed by the communist regimes of Russia and China. The divide is still in existence today created by the 38th parallel. It didn't seem then very much was achieved but it did stop the whole of Korea being taken over by communist rule. The British and the UN were there as well as the Americans who had many troops fighting for the cause, far from home and many losing their lives trying to push back encroaching communism.

The war was brought to life in the film and TV series M.A.S.H. which was set during the war in the late forties starring Alan Alda. It showed the terrible conditions that a medical mobile surgical unit had to work under trying to save lives.

We are privileged to be able to offer rare original medals that decorated some of the brave servicemen who fought so courageously during this forgotten but very crucial war.

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