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One of the most difficult  reigns for any monarch in recent times with Britain still recovering from WWI only to have to prepare to take us through WWII.  Showing the same determination as others in adversity and bringing the nation through with great pride and jubilation. He had many difficult times with the country facing some very large financial issues. This is the reason why only one Sovereign was struck for George VI in 1937. Produced to proof condition and only released in the sets of 4 and limited to just 5001.
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1937 to 1945 George VI Shilling EF Condition King George VI 1937 Gold Proof Set
1937 King George VI Gold Proof Set
Latest Price: £14,500.00

George VI Shilling 1937- 46 in EF condition

King George VI Coronation 1937 Gold Proof Set

A gold proof set for the connoisseur. It contains Five Pounds, Two Pounds, Sovereign and Half Sovereign complete with its original plush velvet maroon case.