2024 Britannia and Liberty Bullion 1oz Silver Coin

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2024 Liberty and Britannia Bullion 1oz Silver Coin

This unique bullion piece stands out with its collaborative design, showcasing both Britannia and Lady Liberty side-by-side on the reverse. This meticulously crafted image, a product of joint effort by the US and Royal Mint Chief Engravers, symbolises the strong partnership between the two nations. Its limited mintage of only 260,500 coins further enhances its collectability. Crafted from 999 fine silver, this treasure holds intrinsic value while boasting 1 troy ounce of pure silver. Beyond its historical significance and beautiful design, the coin measures 38.61mm in diameter, weighs 31.21g.

There are two versions of this coin, this being the Royal Mint issue. The US Mint have also released their coin for the American market with a slightly different design.

Denomiation Two Pound
Metal 0.999 SIlver (I troy Ounce)
Diameter 38.60mm
Coin Weight 31.21 grams
Silver Weight 31.103 grams
Coin Condition Bullion
Limited Edition 260, 500
Brand Royal Mint
Product Code 6517