2023 Charles III Bullion 1oz Silver Britannia

Product code: 6489

2023 1oz Silver Bullion Charles III Britannia

In 1997 the Royal Mint issued the Silver Bullion Britannia, and have released one every year since.

In 1998 and all even numbered years after, the Britannia is standing. 1999 and odd numbered years after, an alternative one off design was featured. This change stopped in 2011 and thereafter the "Britannia Standing" became the standard design on all bullion issues. They contain one troy ounce of silver and a face value of £2.

Normally the rule was that coinage was not struck until the year turned in case the present Monarch was no longer on the throne. This rule has been relaxed over the years and in 2022 a Britannia with a Elizabeth II obverse was issued with a date for 2023

The Mint have now issued a second Britannia coin for 2023 with the bust of King Charles III, illustrated by Martin Jennings, making this the only year to have two Britannia's issued for the same year

Both coins show the traditional reverse design and also includes radial lines for added security. Each bullion coin weighs one troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver and measures 38.61 mm in diameter.

Released 24th January 2023

Denomination 2 Pounds
Metal 0.999 Silver
Diameter 38.61mm
Silver Weight 31.103mm/ 1 Troy Oz
Coin Condition Bullion
Limited Edition Unlimited
Brand Royal Mint
Product Code 6489