2021 Robin Hood 1oz Silver £2

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2021 Robin Hood 1oz Silver £2 Myths & Legends from the Royal Mint

The Royal Mint have released a new bullion coin collection, inspired by British Folklore. Robin Hood is the first legend to be celebrated on this one ounce silver bullion coin. The tale of Robin Hood and his merry men, Maid
Marion and Little John, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, is just as well known today as it was back in the fourteenth century.

This 999 fi ne silver coin depicts Robin Hood with his bow and arrow hidden in the branches of Sherwood Forest. 38.6mm in diameter and in uncirculated condition.

Denomination £2
Metal 0.999
Daimeter 38.6mm
Silver Weight 31.1oz
Coin Condition Bullion
Brand The Royal Mint
Product Code 6457