2019 Coloured Flamingo $1 Virenium Coin

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Pobjoy Mint have released an new series of Flamingo $1 dollar coins which are very similar to the size of a 50p. The first in the series is the American Flamingo. It forms part of a series of six coins showing various Flamingo species from around the world

 American Flamingo is a large species also known as the Caribbean Flamingo.  Most of this birds’ plumage is pink, giving rise to its earlier name of ‘rosy flamingo’.  The wing coverts are red and the primary and secondary flight feathers are black.  The bill of this particular species is pink and white with an extensively black tip while its legs are entirely pink. 

The coin shows an adult flamingo standing on one leg with a flock of flamingos in the background.  The coin has been produced in Virenium®, a metal developed by Pobjoy Mint which is light gold in colour.

Issue Limit  3,500
Diameter  28.40mm
Weight  8.00gms

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