2019 BVI Greater $1 Flamingo

Pobjoy Mint have released a new series of coins, this time it is the turn of the very popular Flamingo. Struck on behalf of the British Virgin Islands, these new shaped uncirculated one dollar coins produced in virenium, a gold colour metal developed by Pobjoy.

The word Flamingo means “flame=coloured’ and the birds get their colour from the carotenoids in their diet of animal or plant plankton. The American was the first flamingo in the series and now the James, Chilean and Greater Flamingos have now been issued in this series of six.

Also available is an album to house your flamingos in along with information about each of the birds.
  • Metal:
    Colour Virenium
  • Diameter:
  • Coin Weight:
    8.00 grams
  • Limited Edition:
    3500 Worldwide
  • Product Code:
  • Brand:
    Pobjoy Mint
  • Condition: