2017 Southern Rockhopper 50p from the Falkland Islands

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A new series of coloured fifty pence have been struck for the island that refers to itself as the penguin capital of the world. It has now been nearly ten years since Pobjoy Mint started striking currency for the Falkland Islands and felt they needed to do something special to mark this occasion.

The Rockhopper, a quirky penguin with itâs signature hairstyle, black and yellow spiky plume, red eyes and pink webbed feet, his wings are raised ready to hop straight into your collection. The Gentoo, King and Magellanic will be released throughout 2017 and to keep your penguins safe there is also a delightful collectorâs pack to unite the set. These uncirculated cupro nickel diamond finish fifty pence have a low mintage of just 7,500.

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