2000 Titanium Tuppenny Blue Coin from Pobjoy Mint

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In 2000 Pobjoy Mint struck the worlds first blue coin to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the unification of the Royal Mail. Issued on the behalf of the Gibraltar this coin is also made from  titanium and has a legal tender of £5.

It weighs 10 grams and measures 36.1mm. Struck to proof quality and  is a Limited edition. Great looking coin and would stand out in any collection. The Uniform Penny Post was a component of the comprehensive reform of the Royal Mail that took place in 1840.

The reforms were a government initiative to eradicate the abuse and corruption of the existing service. Under the reforms, the postal service became a government monopoly, but it also became more accessible to the British population at large through setting a charge of one penny for carriage and delivery between any two places in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland irrespective of distance
Product Code 3356