1981 - Charles and Diana Wedding 1981 Crown

Product code: 0630B
This collection is spread over thirty years of Britainâs history and covers many famous events, it consists of eight British crowns, struck by the Royal Mint, from 1951 to 1981, in VF/uncirculated condition, complete in a pocket size ten page album to protect your collection, a nice presentation to give as a gift. A great starting point for a budding numismatist (coin collector). This could be a lifelong exciting journey.

The collection consists of the following:-
A. 1951 Festival of Britain Crown
B. 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Crown
C. 1960 New York Exhibition Crown
D. 1965 Churchill Crown
E. 1972 Silver Wedding of Elizabeth II & Prince Philip Crown
F. 1977 Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II Crown
G. 1980 Queen Mother Crown
H. 1981 Charles & Diana Crown

Product Code 0630B