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William of Orange  was born 4th November 1650. Originally invited to England to suppress the Jacobite rebellion. Under this reign the Bank of England was founded and the great re-coinage of Britain was undertaken. Many coins were clipped or badly worn. New mints were set up at Bristol, Chester, Exeter, Norwich and York to help with the re-coinage. Some coins were allowed to circulated during this period if they were officially pierced in the centre before they were demonetized.
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William III Sixpence William III 1694-1702 Silver Crown
William III Sixpence 1694-1702
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William III sixpence

William reigned alone after Mary died in December 1694 of small pox. These sixpences are part of the re-coinage and would make a handsome edition to your collection
William III 1694-1702 Silver Crown

William and Mary reigned equally from 1689 until 1694, and following the death of his wife Mary, William of Orange became King of England. Known