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Royal Maundy Queen Victoria 1838 - 1887 Fourpence Charles II Silver Groat Victoria Silver Groat or fourpence 1838-1855
Royal Maundy Queen Victoria 1838 - 1887 Fourpence
Coins of the young Queen Victoria are always in demand. An attractive portrait as well as silver make these Royal Maundy fourpences
A silver Groat from Charles II

After the puritanical rule of Oliver Cromwell, the people of England welcomed the return of Charles I's son, as King. Charles II was well liked for his charm and
Silver Groat of Queen Victoria 1838-1855

The Victoria Groat or four pence always brings a look of surprise from collectors. It is a misconception that they are extremely rare, they are available at relatively inexpensive prices.

James II Silver Fourpence Victoria 1888 Silver Groat William and Mary Groat/fourpence
Victoria 1888 Silver Groat
Latest Price: £105.00
William and Mary Fourpence
Latest Price: £125.00
A silver groat of James II.

James was the brother of Charles II. Married to Anne Hyde and had 8 children. One of which was Mary.
A Silver groat for Victoria

One of the rarest Victorian coins ever issued. Originally struck for use in British Guiana but found their way back into usage in Britain
William & Mary Fourpence

The conjoined heads of these two Monarchs gives a majestic look to these fourpenny Maundy coins.
Henry VI Silver Groat 1422-1471 Henry VIII Silver Groat 1509-1547 Profile Groat of Henry VII
Henry VI Silver Groat 1422-1471
Latest Price: £250.00
Profile Groat of Henry VII
Latest Price: £450.00
Silver Groat of Henry VI 1422-1461

These silver portrait groats struck during the middle part of his reign have become an important coin in this series
Henry VIII Silver Groat 1509-1547

Henry VIII is remembered most for ordering the execution of some of his six wives. Henry reigned from 1509 to 1547 and produced the most important revolution in
Profile Groat of Henry VII

For the first time since the Normans struck their silver pennies, the British engravers produced dies for the profile portrait of the King. This famous design signifies a
Mary Tudor Silver Groats 1553-1554 Henry V Silver Groat 1413 - 1422
Henry V Groat 1413 -1422
Latest Price: £750.00
Rare Silver Groat of Mary Tudor 1553-1554

Mary’s reign was almost the saddest in English history both for herself and her people. Daughter of Henry VIII she came to the throne after the death of her brother
Henry V Silver Groat 1413 - 1422

The bigger brother to the silver penny and just as rare. With very little coinage existing for this King due to the short reign, these coins are hard to find with the price