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Silver Eagles by the US Mint

This series of 1oz silver bullion Eagle Dollars started in 1986. It's predecessors include the Peace, Morgan, Trade and many more. They contain one ounce of pure silver (.999) weighing in at 31.101 grams with a diameter of 40.6 mm.

Unlike the Britannia series where there has been several different reverse designs, the Eagle has been unchanged with Liberty walking on the obverse with a rendition of the heraldic eagle on the reverse.

Great for the continuity investor who collects one from each year, but also a welcome piece in any ones silver collection.

Content Weight Diameter Thickness
Silver - 0.999 Troy Ounce 1 Troy Ounce 1.598" 0.117"
31.072 Grams 31.103 Grams 40.60mm 2.98m
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