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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Born on 21 April 1926 in Mayfair London. Queen Elizabeth is the Constitutional Monarch of sixteen realms of the 53 Commonwealth nations. Her Majesty became queen in 1952 after the Death of her father King George VI and her coronation was the following year in 1953 which was the first coronation of a king or queen to be televised.

At the time of her birth during her grandfathers reign, King George V; Princess Elizabeth was third in line to the thrown behind her uncle Prince David, later King Edward VIII and her Father Prince Albert, later King George VI. Princess Elizabeth was not expected to become queen. During her early life when her father was King, Elizabeth would often step in for King George on tours and public occasion during the later years of his life.

In 1947 Princess Elizabeth married Lt Philip Mountbatten (prior to the marriage, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburg was known as Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark). All relations of the Queen and Prince born since their marriage that didn't not have royal titles would take the surname on Mountbatten - Windsor.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have 4 children, Prince Charles known as the Prince of Wales and Heir Presumptive, Princess Anne known as The Princess Royal, Prince Andrew the Duke of York and Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex. The Queen and Prince Philip also have 8 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

In 2012 the Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee which we have many commemorative coins for this historic occasion.
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Queen Elizabeth 1953 Coronation Proof Set from the Royal Mint 1953 Uncirculated Coronation Set - Queen Elizabeth II 1955 Elizabeth II Sixpence coin
1959 Elizabeth II Scottish Shilling 1960 Florin coin 1961 Elizabeth II Scottish Shilling
1960 Elizabeth Florin coin
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1961 Scottish Shilling 1962 Florin coin 1962 Scottish Shilling
1961 Scottish Shilling
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1962 Elizabeth Florin coin
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1962 Scottish Shilling
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1965 English Shilling 1965 Scottish Shilling 1972 Silver Wedding Proof Crown with box
1965 English Shilling
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1965 Scottish Shilling
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1972 Silver Wedding Proof
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1977 Silver Jubilee Silver Proof Crown 1980 Queen Mothers 80th Birthday Silver Crown 1981 Charles and Diana Royal Wedding Silver Crown
1982 Gold Proof Half Sovereign 1990 Royal Mint Silver Queen Mothers 90th 5 Pound Coin Queen Elizabeth II 2002 Jubilee 13 Coin Gold Set
1982 Gold Proof Half Sovereign
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2002 Jubilee 13 Coin Gold Set
Latest Price: £6,700.00
2002 Royal Mint Silver Proof Five Pound Memorial Crown 2003 3 Coin Silver Proof Piedfort Collection 2005 Silver Battle of Trafalgar £5 Pound Coin
2005 Silver Horatio Nelson £5 pound Crown Coin 2008 British Gold Sovereign 2012 Gold Diamond Shaped Coin 1/10th Gold
2008 British Gold Sovereign
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2013 Gold Half Sovereign Brilliant Uncirculated condition 2013 Royal Mint 60th Anniversary Coronation Crown. 2014 British Indian Sovereign
2014 British Indian Sovereign
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2014 Gold Sovereign 2015 Captain James Cook £2 South Georgia 2015 I.O.M Queen Elizabeth II Longest Reign Crown
2014 Gold Sovereign
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2017 Uncirculated Sovereign Bag of 20 Great British Farthings Modern Crown Collection 1951-1981
British Farewell Set Brown Ten Shillings Portrait Issues Fforde Diamond Jubilee Falkland Islands 2 Crown Set
British Farewell Set
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