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Anne 1702-1714

Anne was an amiable and dutiful Queen who presided over government without getting too involved in the disputes between the Whigs and the Tories.

Most of the principal events of her reign are connected to the war of the Spanish Succession. The eighteenth century began with a series of events in Europe making war inevitable as it was essential for England to have an Austrian Prince, rather than French, to ascend the Spanish Throne. The Commander of the English Army, The Duke of Marlborough was arguably the best soldier ever produced by England and he soon routed a combined French and Bavarian army at Blenheim. Two years later he drove the French from the Netherlands following the victory at Ramillies. Instead of negotiating a treaty with France however England negotiated an Act of Union with Scotland, and in May 1707 the two parliaments were finally united. The United Kingdom came to be called Great Britain and had as it's symbolic flag the Union Jack.

Queen Anne suffered poor health mainly due to her obesity and, being defeated over her wishes to secure her Brother James the right to succeed her to the Throne, she feel into a state of weakness and died shortly afterwards. She was the last of the Stuart Monarchs.

Coinage of the Reign

The Act of Union of 1707 resulted in a change in the Royal Arms, altering the design of the coinage. On the post-union coinage the English lion and Scottish lion are emblazoned per pale on the top and bottom shields. The rose in the centre of the reverse of the gold coins is replaced by The Garter Star.

Bullion seized in Vigo Bay during a successful Anglo-Dutch expedition against Spain was minted into coin, the word VIGO placed beneath the Queen's bust to identify it.

Gold Issues: Five Guineas, Two Guineas, Guinea and Half Guinea.

Silver Issues: Crown, Half-crown, Shilling, Sixpence, Fourpence, Threepence, Twopence and Penny.

Copper Issues: Farthing.

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Queen Anne Twopence 1702 -1714 in VF Condition Queen Anne Silver Fourpence 1702-1714 Anne Shilling
Queen Anne Twopence 1702 -1714 in VF Condition
These tiny silver coins were issued in Maundy sets. The idea of Maundy Money was for the Monarch to give these coins to the poor which
Queen Anne Silver Fourpence 1702-1714. Part of the Maundy money series.
The Anne Shilling with crowned cruciform shields, angles plain die
Queen Anne Sixpence 1702 - 1714 Queen Anne Silver Half Crown - Edinburgh Type Queen Anne Silver Crown
Queen Anne Sixpence 1702 - 1714
Latest Price: £155.00
Queen Anne Sixpence 1702 - 1714
All Queen Anne coins are scarce and this sixpence is no exception. Struck during the period of the Union with Scotland these very fine
Queen Anne Silver Half Crown - Edinburgh Type
1707 saw the Act of Union between the two long standing enemies creating a single realm. Halfcrowns were produced to show this change

Queen Anne Silver Crown

Over 300 years old these scarce crowns were struck at the time of the union of England and Scotland. Anne became pregnant 18 times but unfortunately lost all her children before maturity.