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William IV 1830-1837


A well meaning but tactless King, William IV earned himself the nickname 'Silly Billy'. However, despite suceeding his Brother to the throne during a period of considerable political upheaval, he was key in several very important milestones for his people; The First Reform Act, The bfactory Act to forbid employment of children below the age of nine, reform of th poor laws and the abolition of slavery in the colonies.

After a short of only 7 years William died leaving no legitimate heir and so was suceeded by his niece, Victoria.


Gold Issues: In 1884 the size of te Half Sovereign was reduced to prevent confusion with the Sixpence although the weight remained the same. However, the smaller gold piece was not acceptable to the public and the following year saw a return to the normal size. Other Gold Issues were the two pounds and full Sovereign.


Silver Issues: Crowns were not struck during this reign for general circulation but proofs and patterns were made. In 1836 the Silver Groat was issued again, the only British Silver coin which has a seated Britannia as the type. Silver Threepences and Threehalfpennies were minted for use in the colonies.


Bronze Issues: Penny, Halfpenny, Farthing, Half-farthing and Third-farthing. 

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William IV Silver Three Halfpenny William IV Silver Halfcrown 1834-1837
William IV Silver Halfpenny 1834-1837

The first half penny was struck during the reign of Edward I and the last in 1970 which was a Proof Half Penny.
William IV Half Crown

King of England, Ireland and Hanover from 1830 until 1837. He was the last King of the House of Hanover which was succeeded by his Niece, Queen Victoria as all 10