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George III 1760-1820

The first Hanoverian monarch to be raised in England, George III took a great interest in Government choosing his own ministers to support him during his sixty year reign, although many felt that he interfered too much. He was widely blamed for the loss of 13 colonies during the American War of Independence 1783, however suypport was restored with the victories of Waterloo and Trafalgar in the Napoleonic Wars.

George III was a dutiful, conscientious monarch whose tastes were plain and practical, having a special interest in agriculture, earning himself the nickname of 'Farmer George.' Sadly he suffered terribly from a slowly degenerate mental illness and for the last few years of his life he was incapable of of ruling over his beloved Britain. He died in Windsor Castle on 29th Jan 1820.

Despite this being a lengthy reign, the number of silver and copper coins issued by the Mint in the second half of the 18th Century was small.

1797 saw the introduction of the first copper Pennies and Twopences, Matthew Boulton's 'cartwheels'. In the same year there was an acute shortage of regal silver so although technically illegal it was decided to reuse captured Spanish silver eight reales and other smalller denominations, countermarking them with the head of George III. In 1804, Spanish dollars were completely overstruck, removing all but traces of the original design and were issued as Bank of England Dollars.

1816 was a landmark in the history of our coinage. For some years the Mint production had been virtualy confined to small gold denominations, regular full production

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