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George II  1727-1760


George II was born and raised in Hanover but upon his succession to the throne as George I 's only child he adapted himself to English Society. His passions were the military, music and his wife, Caroline of Auspach. Like his father, whom he detested, he too detested his eldest son Frederick, Prince of Wales, who died to his Father's ill-disguised glee, after being struck by a cricket ball.

George inherited a politically stable, economically prosperous and expanding kingdom, and a powerful minister, Walpole, whose survival in spite of George's initial dislike, was due largely to his close working relationship with the intelligent and worldly Queen Caroline.


After 1739 Britain was involved in almost continuing warfare, first with Spain, then with France during the war of the Austrian succession and then again with France during the Seven Year War. These events lead to the resignation of Walpole, for he was no war minister. With the British Army engaged in Flanders the Scottish Jacobites took the opportunity to attempt again the restoration of a Stuart to the throne, gaining victory at Prestonpans. However victory was shortlived and the Jacobites were crushed by the British Army now retuirned from Flanders.


A King of fairly moderate ability, he was guided in matters of state by his wife who was far more cultural and intelligentthan her husband. Notable events in his reign were the first national road system since the Romans and George's leading of his troops into battle at Dettingen, the last Monarch to do this.


Coinage of the reign

Silver was coined only spasmodically by the Mint during the reign and no copper was struck after 1754. Gold coins made from bullion supplied by the East India Company bear the company's initials. Some of the treasure seized by Admiral Anson on his circumnavigation of the globe was made into coin and had the word LIMA below the King's bust to celebrate the expedition's successful harrasment of the spanish colonies in the New World. Hammered gold was finally demonitized in 1733.


Gold Issue: Five Guineas, Two Guineas, Guinea, and Half- Guinea.


Silver Issue: Crown, Halfcrown, Shilling, Sixpence, Fourpence, Threepence, Twopence, and Penny.


Copper Issue: Halfpenny and Farthing.

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George II Copper Farthing George II Silver Sixpence 1757 - 1758 George II 1758 Silver Shilling
George II 1758 Silver Shilling
Latest Price: £89.00
George II Young Head Copper Farthing
Despite the lower value and struck in copper, this coin along with other early copper coins are difficult to locate. Bearing the head of
Goerge II Silver Sixpence 1757 - 1758

The reign of George II lasted over 30 years from 1727 - 1760. Struck in the final years of the kings reign, these excellent coins are over 250 years old,
George II 1758 Silver Shilling

The reign of George II lasted over 30 years, from 1727-1760, so these shillings were issued towards the end of his life.
King George II Lima Halfcrown 1745-1746 in VF Condition George II Silver Crown
George II Silver Crown
Latest Price: £1,400.00
King George II Lima Halfcrown 1745-1746 in VF Condition

At one point in the reign of George II, piracy became almost official. Some of the treasure that Admiral Anson seized during his
Silver Crowns for George II

This Monarch, George II lasted longer on the Throne than his Father, George I. He reigned during the period when plundering of the Spanish Colonies