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George I 1714- 1727

 As the previous Monarch Queen Anne was unable to produce an heir to the Throne, the act of Settlement was passed in 1701 allowing Electress Sophia of Hanover to succeed the Throne. However she died 2 months before Anne and so the Crown was inherited by her Son George. Arriving in Britain at the age of 54, George had only a very slight knowledge of English and relied heavily on his Government to advise him. Unfortunately, many of these men were corrupt, this lack of integrity being exposed by the disasterous stock market crash known as the South Sea Bubble in 1720. Many investors lost their money and the Goverment was engulfed in scandal. A radical change was required so resulting in the appointment of Sir Robert Walpole who oversaw the restructuring of government and became, in effect, the first Prime Minister.

Out of his depth as a King in a foreign country George I did not establish much empathy with his British subjects. He was treated with much suspicion as it was believed that he kept his Wife a prisoner with no access to their children and was widely suspected to be responsible for the disappearance of her lover in 1694. Preferring Hanover to Britain, George I returned frequently and it was during one such  visit that he died of a stroke.

Coinage of the Reign

A quarter Guinea was struck for the time in 1718 but was discontinued the same year being deemed to be an inconvenient size.

Silver coined from Bullion supplied to the mint by the South Sea Company in 1723 shows the Company's initials S.S.C.Gold Issues: Five Guineas, Two Guineas, Guinea, Half Guinea and Quarter GuineaSilver Issues: Crown, Halfcrown, Shilling, Sixpence, Fourpence, Twopence and Penny.Copper Issues: Halfpenny and Farthings. 

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George I Silver Shilling 1714-1727 George I silver Crown 1714-1727
George I Silver Crown
Latest Price: £1,450.00
A Silver shilling from the Hanoverian King George I of 1723.
Silver Crowns of George I 1714-1727

Not many collectors have managed to obtain these two scarce crowns for their collections. They are of course expensive, but rare things always are.