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Pennies from Famous past Olympic Years Edward VII Threepence 1902-1910 The Monarch Penny collection
The Monarch Penny collection
Latest Price: £9.00

Great British Pennies from famous past Olympic years

2012 will see the country take on the biggest sporting event in the world. We have collected pennies from past British Olympic

Silver threepences' from Edward VII in F/VF condition.

The Great British Monarch Penny collection

For just £9 you can start building a collection of pennies which goes back over 1000 years before William the Conqueror. Six

Edward VII Shilling 1902-1910 Edward VII Half Sovereign
Edward VII Shilling 1902-1910
Latest Price: £35.00
Edward VII Half Sovereign
Latest Price: £180.00
Edward VII Silver Sixpence 1901-10

We like these Edward VII sixpence coins, the strong portrait gives it value. Struck in silver they are becoming tough to locate as they are universally popular.

Edward VII shilling has always been a popular King to collect and at present a little scarce on the ground.

Edward VII Half Sovereign

Gold half sovereigns from this traumatic period of British history. Edward VII 1902-1910, coping with the end of the Boer

1903 Edward VII Open 3 type Penny Edward VII Silver Crown 1902 King Edward VII Gold 1902 £2 Piece
1902 Edward VII Silver Crown
Latest Price: £295.00
King Edward VII Gold 1902 £2 Piece
Latest Price: £1,250.00
A very scarce coin in deed. It is not sure why this type had been struck but some say it was due to a die fault. If so it is a recognized error/fault and found in the Spink coins of England Book. On a standard 3 the top will curve down and on the open 3 the top will be straight.
Edward VII Silver Crown 1902

Edward VII reigned from 1901 & 1910 after the Death of his Mother Queen Victoria who to date is the longest reigning Monarch. Previous titles
King Edward VII Gold 1902 £2 Piece

For the last twenty years or so, the Royal Mint has issued modern £2 gold pieces (starting to be called a double sovereign). As a result the earlier issues are now back in