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1897 Victoria Veiled Head Gold Sovereign 1918 Gold Sovereign 1957 - 1968 Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign
1918 Gold Sovereign
Latest Price: £365.00
1957 Elizabeth II Gold sovereign 1959 Gold Sovereign 2000 GB Gold Sovereign
1957 Elizabeth II Gold sovereign
Latest Price: £350.00
1959 Elizabeth II Gold sovereign
Latest Price: £325.00
2000 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £336.00
2001 GB Gold Sovereign 2002 GB Gold Sovereign 2003 GB Gold Sovereign
2001 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2002 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £345.00
2003 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2004 Gold Sovereign 2005 Gold Sovereign 2006 Gold Sovereign
2004 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2005 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £345.00
2006 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2007 Gold Sovereign 2008 British Gold Sovereign 2009 Gold Sovereign
2007 Gold Bullion Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2008 British Gold Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2009 Gold Bullion Gold Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2010 Gold Bullion Sovereign by the Royal Mint 2011 Gold Sovereign 2012 Gold Sovereign
2011 Gold Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2013 Gold Sovereign 2014 British Indian Sovereign 2014 Gold Sovereign
2013 Gold Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2014 British Indian Sovereign
Latest Price: £750.00
2014 Gold Sovereign
Latest Price: £305.00
2015 Queen Elizabeth Fifth Portrait Proof Full Sovereign 2015 Queen Elizabeth II Fourth Portrait Proof Full Sovereign 2016 Uncirculated Gold Sovereign
The origin of the Gold Sovereign.

The story began in 1489 in the reign of Henry VII when a commission dated 28th October was given to produce a high value coin from a double Ryal to be known as the "Sovereign". The coin was to have a value of 20 shillings. This would be the first time that a pound sterling was to be represented by one coin

The obverse featured the King seated facing on the Gothic throne and holding in his hands an orb and sceptre. The reverse was a large double rose having on it the royal escutcheon bearing the arms of France and England. It is believed that the engraver Michael Flynt had a great influence on the design however some details may have been copied from similar coinage from the Netherlands

Successive Monarch's continued to produce them until the accession of James I when their production was ceased until 1817.

After George III gained the throne he inherited some troubling times with his currency. Poor quality coinage resulted in the withdrawel of the Guinea and counterparts to be replaced by a Royal proclamation of the1st July 1817 with the modern sovereign being born.

The quality of the sovereign has not changed over these years being 7.98grams of 22 carat gold with a diameter of 22.03mm. However several designs have been placed on the reverse with more recent ones only having a one year issue, latest being the 2012. And of course the Monarch's obverse would have changed during this time though.