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Silver Bullion coins such as the 1oz, Britannia, Eagle, Maple, Kookaburra and Panda have rapidly become important to the collectors and investor alike. 1oz versions are affordable to many where as gold has gone out of reach for the majority. Shrewd silver investors have been putting these aside for many years and have benefited from the increase in the melt price of silver. Unfortunately unlike gold new silver coins do still attract VAT. The designs have become very attractive and this has only increased their appeal to the general public especially when limited issues are released by the Mints

Please Note :-These bullion coins are not boxed or certificated by the Mints who produce them. Some may have information backing cards produced by the Mints or wholesalers as seen in the images Due to the dates listed if the coin is sold out after your order we may not be able to obtain new stocks from the same year

Silver Proof coins are the best quality you can buy. The design is struck at least three to four time by the mints onto a highly polished background disk producing coins of the highest detail. Modern proof coins will normally come encapsulated, to prevent them from being scratched, and with a certificate of authentication. Most are issued in limited numbers.
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