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The first £2 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia was introduced in 1997 and was produced to proof stand only (FDC) in sterling silver (0.958)each coin has one ounce of pure silver with the coin weighing 32.454 grams with a diameter of 40 mm. From 1998 the Royal Mint has produced these coins in bullion condition to capture the collector and investor into the Britannia series.

Britannia first graced the coin of Britain during Charles II reign and appeared on our coinage until decimalisation in 1971. However, the Romans used Britannia on their coins after they believed that the British Isles were full of silver.

Each year these coins are released they are a sell out. Stocks of years pasted are very hard to find as will this great looking coin, so buy while you can.
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1998 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia 1999 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia 2001 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia
2002 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia 2003 Silver Britannia 2004 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia
2008 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia 2009 Silver 1oz Bullion Britannia 2010 Silver 1oz Britannia
2010 Silver 1oz Britannia
Latest Price: £54.00
2011 Silver Britannia 2012 Silver Britannia 2013 1oz Silver Britannia Coin
2011 Silver 1oz Britannia
Latest Price: £47.50
2012 Silver 1oz Britannia coin
Latest Price: £47.00
2013 1oz Silver Britannia Coin
Latest Price: £47.00
2014 Silver Royal Mint Britannia 2014 Silver 1oz Britannia With Horse Privy Mark 2015 Royal Mint Silver 1oz Britannia Coin
2016 1oz Silver Royal Mint Britannia 2018 Silver 1oz Silver Britannia
Silver Britannia's by the Royal mint